Video Review Policy


NBPEI Major U18 League Video Review Policy

Updated: May 2024

The league recognizes the need to provide a mechanism that helps officials develop their skills while at the same time ensuring players are not subject to suspensions that in the opinion of the League are unwarranted. Video review of all major penalties will provide such mechanism

Only official team video (home/visiting team or both) is the only video considered for the review.  


Video clips of all major penalties (against both home and visiting team) will be sent to the League President for consideration. The video clip will include the video +/- one (1) minute that captures the infraction for which the major penalty was called. Once viewed by the League President, he/she will determine if a review is required (ie. Major penalty is not obvious).


If a review is required, the League President, Secretary, Treasurer, Active Official designated by the President and/or Referee in Chief from either NB or PEI will conduct the review. 

Note: The Referee in Chief from the province in which the major penalty was called WILL NOT be part of the video review


The team requesting the review is required to submit a $200.00 video review fee. 

Note: Half the video review fee will be returned should the major penalty be overturned.  


The decision to uphold or overturn the major penalty will be made based on the video clip and input of those individuals involved as part of the review.


The President will issue the decision in writing to both teams involved in the game in which the infraction occurred. All decisions are final and not subject to appeal. Video review decisions will have no impact on the outcome of the game in which the infraction occurred. 


All reviewed videos will be provided to both NB and PEI Referee in Chiefs to be used as an education/development tool for the development of the officials.