League Origin


NBPEI Major Midget AAA Hockey League - NBPEI Major U18 AAA Hockey League

The New Brunswick – Prince Edward Island Major Midget AAA Hockey League came into being in 2002 when Hockey New Brunswick and Hockey PEI decided there should be one top development midget league for the two provinces.

At that same point Hockey Canada decided that midget hockey should encompass those from 15-17 years of age which expanded the number of potential players.

It was decided there should be four teams in New Brunswick located in Fredericton, Miramichi, Moncton and Saint John and two teams from PEI based in Charlottetown and Cornwall.

At the same time, in New Brunswick a provincial Midget AAA Development League was created to be, along with the existing P.E.I. Midget AAA Hockey League, a feeder system for the Major Midget teams.

John Collins, the former President of the New Brunswick Midget AAA Hockey League, was elected as the first president of the new league while Clair Murphy of Prince Edward Island was elected as Vice-President. Goolie Brewer of Fredericton was later appointed Secretary-Treasurer.

The league, currently known as the NBPEI Major U18 AAA Hockey League consists of four of its original members: Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John and Charlottetown along with Bathurst and Kensington replacing Miramichi and Cornwall, respectively.  With the creation of U16 AAA hockey in both New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, teams have the option to use players from the NB U18 Development and PEI U18AAA hockey leagues as well as U16 AAA and U15 AAA in both provinces.