Protest / Appeals Policy


NBPEI Major U18 League Protest / Appeals Policy

Updated: May 2024

Any member team may file a protest / appeal with the League President or his designate.  Any protest / appeal shall be accompanied by a payment of two hundred ($200.00). 




Protests will be heard and considered by the League Executive Committee. The decision will be handed down after having investigated the protest thoroughly either by calling in witnesses or by requesting affidavit evidence or by dealing with the protest in any other manner that in their sole discretion will enable them to come to a proper decision.


Protests shall be filed in accordance with guidelines and procedures outlined in the Hockey New Brunswick Rules and Regulations.


Should the protest be denied by the League Executive, the protest fee of two hundred dollars ($200.00) shall not be returned to the protesting team.




There shall be no appeal from minimum suspensions issued under the minimum suspension policy or the graduated suspension regulation.


For suspensions greater than the minimum suspension policy of the graduated suspension regulations, any member team or team official may appeal any disciplinary action, sanction, penalty or suspension, or any decision with respect to a protest made by the President or League Executive against any member team, team official or player.  


An appeal fee of $200.00 shall accompany any appeal.  The Appeals Committee, consisting of the League President, League Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and one (1) independent team Governor, shall have the sole discretion as to whether or not they hear an appeal. 


Once an appeal has been received by the League, the Appeals Committee shall: 

(a)     Within 3 three days determine whether to hear the appeal

(b)     In the event the Committee decides to hear the appeal, hold a formal hearing not later than 7 days following receipt of the notice of appeal

(c)     Render their determination regarding the appeal within 2 days of the conclusion of the hearings.


Should an appeal be denied by the Appeals Committee, the appeal fee shall not be returned to the appellant.