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NBPEI Major U18 Teams Heading to the IceJam


All NBPEI Major U18 Teams are heading to the 2024 Eaast Coast IceJam tournament this weekend, January 10-14 at the HRM 4-pad in Halifax.  The NBPEI teams have had success at the tournament over the last few years with the Moncton Flyers taking home the 2023 Championship.  All NBPEI teams see action Thursday January 11th, with the Flyers starting things up at 11 am followed by the Fredericton Caps at 1 pm, the Saint John Vitos at 1:30 pm, the Northern Moose at 3 pm, the Kensington Wild at 3:30 pm and the Charlottetown Knights at 5 pm.   The tournament provides teams the last opportunity to see how they perform against other Major U18 teams from across the region in prepartion for their own league playoffs and Atlantics being held in early April. 

The 2023-2024 season has proven to be one of the more competitive seasons for the NBPEI Major U18 League. With less than 15 regular season games remaining 12 points seperate the top five teams. Making every game important for positioning going into the playoffs.  The 2023-2024 regular season wraps up the weekend of February 24th with a showcase hosted by the Northern Moose in Bathurst.  Teams will play two games each which may determine their final placings for the playoffs. 

Jan 10, 2024