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2022 NBPEI Major U18 PreSeason Jamboree

The Annual PreSeason NBPEI Major U18 kickoff jamboree is set for September 10th and 11th in Moncton at the Superior Propane Centre. All six teams will be using the jamboree to make final decisions on player selection to complete rosters for the start of the 2022-23 regular season September 23, 2022.  Teams will play two games each day to see players in game action.

Following is the Jamboree Schedule:

September 10th                                                    September 11

9:00 am      Northern vs. Moncton                        9:00 am.    Moncton vs. Saint John    

10:45 am    Saint John vs. Kensington                 10:45 am    Fredericton vs. Northern                                               

12:30 pm    Northern vs. Charlottetown.              12:30 pm    Charlottetown vs. Saint John

2:15 pm      Fredericton vs. Kensington.               2:15 pm       Kensington vs. Northern

4:00 pm     Moncton vs. Charlottetown.               4:00 pm      Charlottetown vs. Fredericton

5:45 pm     Fredericton vs. Saint John                  5:45 pm      Kensington vs. Moncton                             


Aug 17, 2022